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                           Five Famous Episcopal Writers


John Steinbeck:  He served as an acolyte and choir member at St. Paul’s in Salinas, CA where, it is said, he dropped a cross onto a visiting bishop’s head and thus lost his lead acolyte privileges.


Madeleine L’Engle:  In addition to being a prolific writer of young adult fiction, she was a volunteer librarian at St. John the Divine in New York City.


William Faulkner:  Most of his stories were based in his native Mississippi where he attended St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Oxford, MS.     


Wystan Hugh Ayden:  Well established as one of the great poets of the twentieth century and noted lover of language, he served as a consultant on the translation of the psalms for the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.


Tennessee Williams:  Although as an elderly man, he attended church in the Roman Catholic tradition, he was the grandson of an Episcopal priest.   - The Episcopal Handbook