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Buildings and Grounds


Caring for our Property

     For the past four years, the Vestry has done its due diligence in improving the buildings and grounds. We were recipients of the Mustard Seed Grant and the Bishop Lee Grant.  Both have helped us to address our concerns as follows: 

  •  A new roof on the Church

  • An upgrde to the handicap ramp leading to the Church

     Although we have been surprised by the need to replace the air conditioners in the Parish Hall and Church, with God's providence and parishioner generosity, we could install three new units.

     Additionally, the Parish Hall and Hart Hall have been painted.  A chimney cap has been installed.

     The remaining balance on the two parcel vacant lot has been paid.  Parishioners donate their time to mow the property, and we have seasonal contracts with a landscaper and snow remover.  

     A facade grant from the town has enabled us to paint the trim around all church and parish hall windows as well as replace the plexiglas around the stained-glass windows on Washington Avenue and Dennison Street.  

    A new furnace has beem installed in the church and both the Parish and Hart Hall will have its roofs replaced thanks to the matching grant of the Bishop Lee Grant as bestowed in 2018.