Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Clergy,Vestry, Worship Ministers

Clergy:                        The Rev. Nicholas S. Szobota, Rector



Wardens:                    Donna Shelar – Senior Warden

                                    Beth Peed – Junior Warden


 Vestry Members:      Jeff Crook, Kathy Greenlaw, Robert Harrison,

                                    John L. Johnson, and Donna Young


Treasurer:                 Jack Gaines


Assistant Treasurer: Jeff Crook


Organist:                   Jimmy Edwards 


Choir Director:         Bonnie Trahan


Choir Members:         Jack Gaines, June Gaines, Peggy Johnston, Beth Peed, and   M. J. Rost


Altar Guild Director:  Karna Sparks


Altar Guild Members: Mary Barber, Tim Burgess,  Pat FitzGerald, Kathy Greenlaw,                                          Ella  Johnson, Mary Parker, Margaret Racine, Lynn Speight


Worship Ministers:    Mary Barber, Erin Bartley, Carol Birmingham, Tim Burgess, Graham Darcy, Donna Derry, Ann Flaim, Jack Gaines, June Gaines,  Kathy Greenlaw, Kristine Guido, Bill Hall, Julie Irving, Mary Jeter, Ella Johnson, Gladys Clark Johnson, John L. Johnson, Peggy Johnston, Joe Kelly, Natalie Kelly, Barbara Megee, Mary Parker, Beth Peed, James Peed, Bob Powell, Charlette Queen, Vicki Roberson, Karna Sparks, Lynn Speight, Bonnie Trahan, and Kathy Waltermire