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Clergy requests

What to Do If ....

You are going to the hospital: Call the church office to let us know where and when you will be hospitalized. During admission indicate that you are a member of St. Mary's Episcopal Church.

You wish to have the Eucharist brought to you at home or in the hospital: Call the church office if you would like to receive the Eucharist or a visit from the rector.

You are faced with a death in your family: Contact the church office immediately. The rector is prepared to assist you with ministry and in managing the details of burial. Please do not set the time for the funeral before contacting the rector.

You are planning to be married: Contact the church office for an appointment with the rector before making plans to secure a date when the rector and church are available. The Canons of the Church require 30 days notice to the priest to provide adequate time for planning and counseling. More time is needed where a divorce is involved.

You desire the Sacrament of Holy Baptism: Baptisms are celebrated on certain Sundays of the year. Contact the church office to schedule an appointment with the rector for baptismal instruction.

A New baby is born: Contact the church office so that the name and birth date can be entered into your family's records.

Your phone number, address, name or marital status changes: Call the church office to keep your information current. If you prefer to keep your information from appearing in the membership directory, inform the church office of your preference.

Church Office

Phone: 804-224-7186