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Ministries Framework




Ministries Framework:  The Foundation for Achieiving All Yearly Goals


The Vestry has created a document titled, Ministries Framework.   This document sets up our goals for each year and keeps the Vestry accountable for accomplishing them.  The framework is broken into seven ministry areas with a new category, “Buildings, Grounds, & Operations,” being added this year.  Each vestry  member is responsible for the oversight and reporting within a specific area.  This doesn’t always mean they are personally responsible in the execution of all items in a functional area; it simply means they are responsible to find the “right” folks to lead the initiative and report back to the Vestry on its execution.  

Vestry leads for 2017 are as follows:  Christian Formation – Mary Coombes, Church & Worship – Mary Parker, Buildings, Grounds, & Operations – Bobby Harrison, Fellowship – Janet Markwith, Outreach – Gladys Clark-Johnson, Pastoral Care – Donna Shelar, & Stewardship will be co-chaired this year by Lewis Ray & Erin Bartley.  The majority of the information found on this website is based upon this foundation.  A copy of the Ministries Framework is available.   Simply click on the file listed above and check out the organization behind the goals and applications for the Vestry year 2017.  You will be truly amazed.